Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Red Dates And Ginger Tea

I would say red dates and ginger tea is one of the best beverage for women. The concoction warm the womb and usually taken during confinement to keep the new mom warm and helps to nourish the blood after birth.

The ginger in the drink helps keep the body wind away. Next time, when you are suffering from indigestion or stomach ache due to wind problem, boil this red dates ginger tea and see the difference all for yourself. Dried red dates are available in all Chinese medicine shop. This is a delicious and refreshing wonder tea. Serve warm to enjoy the maximum benefit of this humble tea


23-25 dried red dates,pitted
1 cup rock sugar
4 cups water
1 inch ginger,thinly sliced


Wash dried dates and drain.

In a pot, over a medium flame add water,red dates and ginger. After 30 minutes add rock sugar and stir.

Boil for another 30 minutes and remove from heat.

Pour into serving glass and enjoy warm

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